The healthy, environmentally friendly solution to Hard Water Problems!

Treat yourself to chemical free water that behaves soft with the NEW Mono-Mag Water Conditioner for the whole house.

No more salt ion-exchange softeners. Your water feels and tastes better. Foul odors of chlorine, sulfur and iron are greatly reduced and the corrosive scale is washed away before it can damage your water heater and pipes. Thus saving you energy and money!

Soap works better, clothes become cleaner, and bathing feels fresher. Women love it for softer, silkier, more manageable hair and less dry skin irritation.


Easy to install without tools, the NEW Mono-Mag Water Conditioner works on all hot and cold water throughout the house, even the ice maker. It has no moving parts and requires no external power. This system has a lifetime power warranty (it never wears out) and offers a lifetime of savings! It usually pays for itself within the first year!