"Make Your Water Behave"

The healthy and natural solution to a cleaner Pool and Spa!

Treat yourself to a more enjoyable "cleaner" swim with the NEW Mono-Mag Water Conditioner for your pool and spa.

By utilizing the NEW Mono-Mag Water Conditioner on your pool and spa, you will experience these benefits:


  • Reduce chemical usage
  • Reduce scum
  • Reduce algae
  • Eliminate mineral buildup
  • Minimize pool and spa maintenance
  • Improve equipment life
  • Improve water clarity
  • Stabilize pH
  • Reduce odors




Easy to install without tools, the NEW Mono-Mag Water Conditioner makes your water "silkier" allowing for a more comfortable swim with less eye and skin irritation caused by chemicals. It has no moving parts and requires no external power. This system has a lifetime power warranty (it never wears out) and offers a lifetime of savings! It usually pays for itself within the first year!