THERMAMAX  Polarized Refrigerant Oil Additive (PROA)

How ThermaMax works:

The "Q" factor
ThermaMax improves the "Q" factor (physics term for heat transfer) in the condenser and evaporator coils. ThermaMax's polarized molecule bonds to the metal inside the system, removing the insulative build-up of oil, and forming a conductive ThermaMax layer to improve the "Q" factor. With ThermaMax, oil returns to the reservoir and no longer builds up on heat transfer surfaces.


ThermaMax Is Proven To:

  • Reduce operating costs Stop acid burn-out
  • Reduce power usage Reduce compressor cycle time
  • Reduce maintenance Reduce friction noise and vibration
  • Clean and restore older systems Help prevent bearing damage
  • Prolong equipment life Improve systems rapidly
  • Improve compressor performance Soften and condition seals
  • Improve heat exchange ("Q" Factor)

ThermaMax is safe!

  • Environmental Friendliness
    adds no restraints on waste oil recyclability or disposal and contains no hazardous or toxic materials, such as chlorinated or halogenated oil products.
  • No serious health risks
    ThermaMax poses no serious health or safety risks. There are no known carcinogens or toxins in ThermaMax. Tests indicate that no adverse health effects are to be expected with exposure to eye or skin or when ingested or inhaled. There are no noted medical conditions aggravated by exposure to ThermaMax.
  • No safety hazards
    ThermaMax is only slightly combustible. ThermaMax can be safely handled using good common health and safety precautions.

ThermaMax saves money!
LESS overhead money spent EQUALS MORE bottom line profit saved!


  • Immediate return on your investment
    ThermaMax will lower air conditioning, heat pump, and refrigeration systems' operating costs by the second month. In most applications cost-effective ThermaMax will pay for itself in one year or less. ThermaMax's benefits last for the life of the system. ThermaMax is laboratory and customer proven to cut power usage in compressor systems.
  • Easy, inexpensive installation
    The same fast, simple procedure can be used to install ThermaMax in any type of compressor-driven system.
  • Small amount - real improvement
    One fluid ounce of ThermaMax per ton of air conditioning (12,000 BTU) is required in systems smaller than ten tons. Units larger than ten tons generally require about 10% of the oil capacity. This is dependent upon the make and type of unit and should be evaluated on an individual basis.
  • U.S. Dept. of Energy recommendation
    The Federal Energy Management Program of the U.S. Department of Energy recently tested PROA's and recommends, in a Federal Technology Alert Bulletin, that PROA's be installed in all federal facilities. ThermaMax protects your compressor system.
  • Restoration of older Systems
    ThermaMax will literally clean and restore older systems. All of the components of ThermaMax will help extend equipment life and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Increased compressor efficiency
    ThermaMax will improve efficiency and increase heat transfer ("Q" factor) capability. This will decrease the time the compressor actually runs to produce the same cooling level.
  • Acid scavenger
    Acids form when moisture combines with chlorine or one of the other halogen compounds that can break down inside the compressor due to heat or stress. ThermaMax's acid scavenger finds and ties up free acids if they occur in a system, rendering them harmless to the sensitive components in the compressor and motor bearings.
  • Advanced lubrication
    ThermaMax greatly increases lubricity, bonds to the metal surfaces to aid at start-up and extends the life expectancy of the compressor oils. This means longer periods between oil changes and reduced annual maintenance costs.
  • Oil compatibility
    ThermaMax is compatible with all compressor oils, both standard and synthetic, without reformulation.
  • Refrigerant compatibility
    ThermaMax is compatible with currently used refrigerants, including ammonia and propane, and all new replacement refrigerants, including R-134a.
  • Oil reclamation
    If a compressor oil change becomes necessary, it is not necessary to completely re4reat with ThermaMax. Add only a fraction of the original quantity to assure full benefit of ThermaMax protection.
  • Refrigerant reclamation
    If it becomes necessary to reclaim the refrigerant, there is no need to re4reat with ThermaMax. It will still be in the system after the refrigerant is reclaimed.

The ONLY Product On Today's Market ORIGINALLY Formulated As A Polarized Refrigerant Oil Additive (PROA) For Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, And Refrigeration.

The ThermaMax warranty

  • ThermaMax is warranted by Chiller Services, to be free from defects in material and workmanship. The warranty includes protection against damage to any equipment treated with ThermaMax when properly installed.
  • Equipment manufacturer's warranties - ThermaMax meets or exceeds all equipment manufacturer's warranty standards for compressor oil.