The Circuit Master is manufactured by Delta Engineering, an A.S.O. 9000 company. Delta Engineers use a variety of electronic filters to reduce the effects of unwanted signals (commonly referred to as "noise") on the desired signal. Like fluid filters, electronic filters can be made from a variety of materials, typically including a combination of operational amplifiers, capacitors, and/or varistors. These electronic filters are classified as high-pass, low-pass, and band-pass filters.

High-pass filters block out low-frequency noise, and are often used to preent low-frequency signals, such as ham radio broadcast, from interfering with and distorting higher-frequency noise, such as TV signals. Low-pass filters block out high-frequency noise and can be used to minimize the effects of harmonics in inductive motors. Band-pass filters behave as a combination of high-pass and low-pass filters and only allow certain ranges of signal frequency to pass through them.

How The Circuit Master Works:CM_installed.jpg

  • Circuit Master is a highly sophisticated band-pass filter that blocks distortions in electrical power above and below normal signal range.
  • Circuit Master blocks out harmonics, power spikes and surges.
  • Circuit Master cleans up utility-supplied power to make it better fit the form of a 60-cycle sine wave, forcing current and voltage to conform to that sine wave as well, the ideal design condition for American AC motors.
  • As a result, motors run more smoothly at lower temperatures, working more efficiently and requiring less power from the utility.
  • Put another way, the band-pass effect of a Circuit Master added to your electrical circuitry will "clean up" your AC power. This creates an ideal operating environment for your equipment, which reduces equipment wear and increases equipment life. This increases power factor, reduces KVAR, amp draw and most importantly, KWH usage.
  • Remember, you are billed for KWH. Reducing your KWH reduces your electric bills.