Electronic Control Unit, which adds
State of the Art intelligence to Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning is one of the largest energy consumers in the residential and industrial sectors.  Thousands of air conditioners put high demands on the electricity networks. On a smaller scale, air conditioning probably accounts for a significant part of your energy bill. Many existing air conditioners are old and quite inefficient technology.  Although improved technology has become available in more expensive systems ( inverter technology), the payback time of these systems is very long.

Instead of investing a lot of money into an expensive new system, there is an easy and affordable way  to improve energy efficiency in your unit – UPGRADE it with an AIRCOSAVER.

Mono Pole Fluid Conditioning ®

Savings on Natural gas, descaling of boilers and waterlines. Treat yourself to chemical free water that behaves soft with the NEW Mono-Mag Water Conditioner for the whole house.

CircuitMaster ®

Guaranteed minimum energy savings or 10% when applied to electric motors.

ThermalMax ®

Improves the "q" factor in the condenser and evaporator coils